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Sampradaya Suyajna is an effort to keep up traditional  arts and core values  amongst the
community ,  youth  & kids in particular . This is coordinated by
Gomata Varanasi
Dharmapuri .

Sampradaya - Suyajna
           A Subunit of SAMSKRUTI of SUYAJNA  
  • Music Classes Vocal - Starting  from Dec 9 , 2019
  •  Monday and Thursday -  3-4  or 4 - 5  pm  
  •   For any age group  
  •   Focus is South Indian Classical

 Register here for more information about fees and other detail  !
Essentials of life - Discussion in group for boys and girls
  • One Sunday  every month  -  start date & timings to be
  • age  : 7-11  years    &  12-16 years
  • starting date  to be announced  
  • I interested parents  email to

Sandhyavandanam - only for boys who had their upanayanam  - to be
announced soon