Suyajna-Samskruti Project : BHASHA

लसतु संस्कृतं चिरं, गृहे गृहे च पुनरपि

Spirit of Sanskrit has to blossom in all , through its language for obvious
and well  known reasons deciphered in many ways .

This  has been initiated as an
event  of  SUYAJNA on RathaSaptami , Feb
14 , 2016  to promote the language and its benefits to all involved.  This
is a  cross learning course.

1st batch is ongoing right now and here is the team

If interested to be included in 2nd batch please
Sign up  here !  

**** As this learning happens online with the participants being at
different locations around the world a good internet link is a must !
Logistic Fund Contributed By :

Core Members :

Abhishek        Gomata        Krishna Kumar        Kumar Rajamani        
Sreecharan         Santhosh        Venkat        Padmini        Logu        Vijetha        
Maheswari        Bharath        GAPA        Ravi & Lakshmi         Usha
Venkiteswaran        Muthu        Jaitra        Sunil        Neeta        Priyanka        
Puneet        Sundeep        padmavati        Sankar        Rekha Keshav

Donors :

Suvani   Sarma  Veerambhotlu  Nagamani Saroja Mahalingam